Thursday, October 29, 2009

sugarloaf mountain and the brownie

A fun roller coaster ride in the grasslands high above the Nicola Valley where rolling hills, giant ponderosa pine, magnificant even in death, and colorful groves of aspen fill the view of this beautiful country side. 

The night we arrived the temperature dropped to -17 C with a quarter moon bright on the frosted windows.  Sipping Alpine Blueberry wine from Kermode Wild Berry Wines we kept going outside to look at the splendid night sky. Camping is so much nicer in clear weather! In the morning Kick Ass coffee got us out of a warm bed with toast made on the heater.  Great morning light and a stunning sunny day was a photographers dream.  The many ponds and lakes in the area host a wealth of birds, especially large flocks of loons and darling little blue birds all actively swooping and calling.

This shot of  the frost on the cryptogamic crust surrounding the lake really caught my eye. 

 Lots of single track to chose from.

The artic blast had us putting on hats and long underwear for the first time this season.


We stash the bikes to scramble the talus slope of Sugarloaf mountain and to view the ancient lichen.

In the arid climate this takes a very long time to grow.

 At the top our hunger is for the air and the view and the rewards of the day. 

Three layers of home made goodness.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chief Seattle, Leader of the Squamish Nation 1854 quote

To the great philosophers and care-takers, the good stewards of the land I am grateful. The deep thinkers give us words that are timeless and as it is Thanksgiving I chose to give thanks to them.  I'd like to share these words of wisdom.

"This we know, the Earth does not belong to Humanity, People belong to the Earth. This we know.
All things are connected.  What ever befalls the Earth, befalls the people of the Earth.  We did not weave the web of life, we are merely a part of it. What ever we do to the web, we do to ourselves."

Chief Seattle, leader of the Squamish Nation 1854.

Happy Thanksgiving.