Monday, August 9, 2010

summer meals on the road and in the back country

June has always been about adventure and discovery.  This month the adventures included finding a remote and rugged Hot Springs accessed via a steep canyon trail with exposure that is drop dead gorgeous.  

Our day started with a bowl of first of the season huckleberries after which we were fit and ready to descend the canyon wall where the secret Hot Spings is located. 

The weather was cool and wet and I was glad as the day before was sweltering and we put off going down the canyon in favor of a shaded camp under old growth cedar trees.   We put on the Gortex hiking boots and rain gear and set across a flooding creek to get to the trailhead.

 The rewards of the day, not a soul about but us ... and the raging river rushing by was an obvious thrill.

While away the garden has become a monster of growth and a wonderful neighbor has been watering it.