Sunday, January 31, 2010

Eat peasant quit plastic ode to self


Eat Peasant quit plastic ode to self

These mason jars have been mine for 30 years and represent an attachment to all things peasant.  Vintage jars continue to work for tomatoes and everything else we put up. A replacement lid is all.  Lunches, left-overs and freezer foods all go into jars with no need for plastic.  I remind myself be vigilant about waste.

In the kitchen at Le Crocodile, chef Michel Jacob lives this kitchen virtue obtaining the best food control in the industry and the experience remains an excellent example of waste management.

I tell to my ear, less is more.  Buy in bulk, share with family, friends and neighbors to reduce waste.  Stores are still using foam trays on organic meat and poultry and wrapping it in plastic.  The single portion is wasteful! 

In a perfect world we make yogurt, bread and bakery products, noodles, pasta etc and stay away from the middle isles of the supermarket, avoiding packaging.

I am on the warpath to end waste and to embrace my peasant roots.

Composting, edible garden instead of lawn.  Seedy Saturdays are coming up!  Fortunate to have a freezer.

Farmers markets are wonderful in this regard.  Avoiding packaging.

Grass fed and finished beef  comes to us in butcher wrap, in sensible portions as does lamb and pork.   Keeping a ready supply of homemade meals is sure to cut down on plastic!

The way of the peasant is to make what we consume.

go be delicious xx


Anonymous said...

I just ordered " Rifling Through my Drawers" - I would love to discuss it! There are darned few people (especially women) around here who appreciate game and frown on hunting although we do have plenty of mushroom foragers.

powderate said...

Have you read "Spilling the Beans"?

I enjoyed it for several reasons, a voice of reason about some hot topics. She is outspoken and refreshing and it's good to ignite debate on things, we may even have to form an opinion, instead sitting on a fence post.

I want to try her Scotch eggs recipe, never tried these before, a salute to my Scots heritage.

I am half through the first read and will look forward to discussing these issues.

I haven't hunted, but both my sisters have for a few years now, and the hush about it is off putting. Our government asks us to get out and hunt for meat, deer mostly.

My family pick where they hunt, learning and knowing the areas the deer feed, and hunting away from industry and pollution, going higher in the mountains where they eat meadow grasses and wildflowers.

Great, it will fun to get talking.

Anonymous said...

excellent post! Eschew the plastic -- my peeve is saran wrap...put a plate on it will you?

Our first seedy saturday on Pender is coming up. so excited!